I never read this node until just now, and it occurs to me now that I should have read it quite a bit sooner.

On my first day on E2, the w/u at the top of the new write-up list after I figured out how it all worked was this one. As such, I figured that being thankful for someone cooling you was annoying to all the e2 veterans and that I should NEVER thank someone for cooling my writeups. What can I say; I'm a man of assumed absolutes.

Now it's a few months later and I have the ability to cool things. Almost every time I've cooled anything, people have thanked me. A couple of times, I even cooled editor's write-ups and they thanked me. And I like being thanked.

So today, while taking a break from composing, I thought I would hit e2 and whaddya know, this write-up is again at the top of the new writeups list. I read it. Now I know it isn't a crime to thank people for cooling your write-ups, or at least to engage them in conversation about what they liked, what they disliked, etc.

So, to everyone that has ever cooled anything I've written and thought I was some smarmy bastard that was too good to show his appreciation for, er, your appreciation, thanks boyeeeeeeee!