Before this completely slips out of my head...

I was in a farmhouse, near the ocean. Up the path and through the woods was a lily-pad covered marsh, and on one side was a small waterfall. I remember going to sleep in the dream and waking up to having no power. I went outside to see what was going on, and I could see the desolation in the distance. There was but a scant mile or so around the farmhouse that was safe from the charring. Some man, maybe a coyboy, maybe an adventurer, maybe just a jerk, walked out of the flames. He told me things were going to be different now, very different. I scratched my head and nodded. I followed him along a different path into the woods. Here there was a concrete building, quite small, on which there was a padlocked door. The man pulled out a knife, shoved it between the door and the lock, and twisted. The door creaked open and we walked inside. There was a counter under some windows on the front wall, and the counter was covered with 5 pound yellow bags with the Irving (gas corporation) logo on them. Somehow I knew these were full of charcoal.

I for some reason saw a black cat walk into the building, I panicked, screamed, and woke up.

I don't exactly remember what the cats were about, there were other cats and it made sense in the dream, but it doesn't quite fit together now. The other thing I can remember thinking was how much it was going to suck to jump under the waterfall in the dead of winter.

Dreams are odd.