If you are going to participate in a running race, you can win if you have the strength and the will to do it.

Step 1: Training: Begin training well in advance. Do your traditional weight training, jogging, and power running. Plot a regular schedule and stick to it. Try to avoid deviation from this regular schedule as much as possible. Your body will eventually grow accustomed to it. Escalate your regimine to increase your activity so you can ramp up your ability.

Step 2: Preparation: Make sure you are well rested the day of the race. Get a good night's sleep. Before the race, eat something high in carbohydrates. A popular pre-athletic meal is pasta. Eat enough to get your fill, but don't overdo it. You don't want to be hungry while running, nor do you want to be weighed down by excess food settling in your stomach. Drink plenty of water before and after the race. Avoid sports drinks, as the sugar will increase thirst.

Methinks Touby's above writeup should be titled "How to cheat to win a race", or as Pseudo_Intellectual suggested: "How to win a race until you get caught using your underhanded methods, and all your accolades are stripped from you in ignominy."

I see Touby added Option 4 as a last-ditch effort to save himself. How honorable.
He also revised Option 4 to attack my supposed lack of a sense of humor. This would be acceptable, except his writeup wasn't originally written to be funny. No dice, Touby.

Besides, I have a great sense of humor.