How could Halloween have been any cooler? Where to begin...

First, I watched about four hours of television looking for racial images for Reading Culture Signs 121.
Then, I wrote a three page Computer Ethics paper on how I would go about making a hypothetical descision.
(this is the good part) Then, I wrote a two page paper on comparing terms and ideas in two COMPLETELY UNRELATED articles that I paid $15 for!

Bah. Wasn't that bad I suppose.
Had a loooong chat with my sister on life and the other five people in our family. Also talked with Jason, he went to my old high school (CHHS) but now is in college in Australia. He's really a cool guy.

In E2 News, I leveled to Scribe (level 4). Woohoo! I'm a little behind on becoming a godhead in 10 days but I'm still going at it ;-)