The collective name of the three training weapons used in Aikido: the tanto, the jo and the bokken. Generally crafted from hardwood, these weapons are used to learn a variety of techniques, starting with basic front strike and side strike techniques with the bokken and advancing to challenging throws and pins. At beginner levels, both Uke and Shite learn primarily bokken techniques. The jo is typically introduced next, followed by the tanto. Lower kyu students practice uneven matchups (such as jo-tanto or bokken-unarmed) and throws with buki.

Focus and harmony between Shite and Uke is extremely important when performing buki techniques, since the slightest lapse in attention can cause nasty bruises, broken buki, or worse. Additionally, buki techniques can be some of the most physically and visually interesting techniques to practice and perform, as experienced individuals can appear to be dancing gracefully amidst a blur of wooden weapons.