An old, but still cool game from Maxis that involves flying a helicopter around a city, completing missions and earning money for new copters and accessories. The game's biggest asset is the fact that you can load any city from SimCity 2000 and fly around in it. This is immensely cool, to say the least, for any fan of SimCity 2000.

The game features a (very) rudimentary 3D engine for rendering the city, which would be MUCH cooler if it had a greater line of sight and better texture mapping. Helicopter physics are very decent, if simplified. Control is easy with the keyboard, and even easier if you have a joystick. One fun feature is the ability to land and get out of your copter, running around the city and talking to all the little polygon people. You can even land on top of buildings (like the llamadome) and walk around up there.

The missions you get include:

The following choppers are available: Here's the accessories you can buy for your chopper: As in all Maxis games, there's a bunch of fun cheat codes. Type Ctrl-Alt-x to bring up a dialog box.
  • "Gas does grow on trees" - unlimited fuel
  • "Shields up" - invincibility
  • "Give me bucks or give me death - $x" - gives you x amount of money
  • "superpowermultiply" - fly really fast when you hold down the shift key. Also turn into a fast dog when on the ground
  • "I love my helicopter" - warps you to your copter
  • "There's no place like home" - warps you (not your copter) back to the hanger
  • "Been there, done that" - complete the current level automatically
  • "The map, please" - show the map even when you're walking around
  • "A megaphone in the hand is worth two in the bush" - use your megaphone while walking around
  • "Warp me to career - x" - warp to career level x.
  • "I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas" - get free helicopters in the catalog screen by pressing the number keys.
  • "PAMCAREYGOLDMAN" - pastes a picture of the lead programmer's wife on all the billboards and drive-in theaters.
  • "Out for a Sunday drive" - camera chases a random car
  • "Lights, Camera, Action!" - play movies on the drive-in theaters.
  • "Stop and ask for directions" - write the map as a text file (dump_bm.txt) to disk.
  • "Gort" - play the movie that is shown when you beat the game
  • "Radioactivity" - cause a nuclear meltdown, as if you had let a nuclear reactor burn down.