I don't know why other men like or dislike anything...   And I have no idea why some women will attack men's opinions no matter what they might be.  *shrug*

Here in the United States at least, it is customary for women to shave their legs and armpits.  Until a couple years ago that's about how much thought I'd given it.  Then I met a woman and fell in love like nothing I'd felt before.  In all the clichéd ways - food tasted sweeter and all that stuff - I noticed the little stuff.

And, I've decided the thought she may have shaven her legs to be more appealing to me makes me feel great!  Likewise, her plucked eyebrows make her all the more attractive when I consider the effort, not just the result.  I also find myself doing things to be more attractive to her.  I know she's not doing anything exclusively for me, and the reverse is also true... but it's quite nice to hear her say that she's just shaved her legs this day.  It's like a cue that she wants me to notice how attractive she can be.  There's no reason to overanalyse why it's attractive, for me anyway, it's more the effort, and the subtlety, that I find irresistable.

Someday perhaps I'll share my personal grooming habits in body hair on men or something similar.  But since we're talking about body hair on women it's almost impossible to ignore the rest of the story.  Bikini wax just sounds painful, even though I know I'll never have one.  However, if we're talking personal preference here, I'd have to say shaven to the bikini area, and neatly trimmed within that area.  Again, I've come to this realization because of how much I enjoy making love with this one woman, and she practices this type of presentation.  It just makes it entirely enjoyable for me to do very nice things for her having things tidied up just so.  I've only ever seen pictures of completely bald genitalia, and I didn't find that appealing.

So, I guess I'm with kamamer for the most part.  However, it gives me pause to think of running my hand along a hairy leg... Maybe the contrast between the texture of her legs and mine, as with the rest of her that contrasts me in ways, that appeals to me.  Yes, I'd love her anyway, but I admit that it brings out the best in me when my love tells me she's shaven her legs :)

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