A pick-me-up for when you are down, dull or adrift. Something small and pleasing. A surprise phone call, petting a cat on the street, an unexpected compliment, or something else random can be a soul boost. Shopping can be too--and not just clothes, but whatever little thing you find rewarding: comic books, fashion magazines, action figures. Chocolate. Allowing yourself to work a bit on a pet project or hobby when you "shouldn't" be working on it. Making a special trip to see a loved one or your best friend. Listening to a favorite song.

The problem, of course, is when these boosts start becoming an addiction, and you constantly eat, shop, watch bad TV, in order to feel better. But if you can keep them occasional, they can keep a bad mood or unproductive day from worsening, or make it go away.

(there are a couple of Italian and French words for "a little something," none of which I can remember! They fit here, though, so /msg me if you know them.)

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