Wearing a corset is not as simple as pulling in on and going about your life like normally. Remembering certain basic things will make your corset experience much more pleasant.


  • Do not eat heavily or drink bubbly drinks just before getting into your corset.
  • Wear your corset on clean skin or over a shift or some other thin garment.
  • Wear all the parts of your outfit that do not require the corset underneath them. Yes, also your shoes.
  • Do your hair and apply your make up. Depending on the tightness and the style of the corset these things can be difficult to do later.


Instructions here assume that you have someone to lace you in. Unless otherwise specified, the instructions are for the wearer.

  1. Open front busk if the corset has one.
  2. Loosen the lacing so that you can get into the corset.
  3. Get into the corset by wiggling or simply wrapping the corset around you.
  4. Close the front busk if the corset has one. If you cannot do this easily, repeat step 2. until you can.
  5. Check that the waist of the corset is where your waist is and that the corset is straight and not tilted. Straighten if necessary.
  6. Lacer: Start pulling the laces from upper and lower end towards the middle. Keep the gap even when tightening.Wearer: Check that your titties are where you want them to be for the desired effect. If not, pull, lift or push until they are.
  7. Lacer: Check whether the corset is tight enough. If not, tighten more and check again.
  8. Lacer: When corset is laced tightly enough, tie a knot or a bow to keep the lacing from opening.
If the wearer feels like it, the corset can be laced tighter later when the body has adjusted to the pressure.

Being in a corset

Removing the corset

Help is not needed for removing the corset, unless you have rather unflexible arms.

  1. Open the knot or the bow.
  2. Loosen the laces.
  3. Open the front busk or wiggle out.
  4. Stretch softly now that you can. Your back will love you for it.
Some more tips and tricks, garnered from (usually painful) personal experience:

  • If you have a full-length victorian style corset, or even just a full body corset rather than a short basque etc., wear your knickers on the outside. Same goes for tights or garter belts. A tightly laced corset will put extra pressure on your bladder, which will lead to a study in monumental frustration when you discover that your thong is 5 inches deep in stiff steelbone!

  • Many corset laces are held into place with knots at one end. For some bizarre reason some (like mine) tend to be sold with the knot bit pointing inwards. Make sure you switch that around before you lace up, otherwise you'll earn yourself some very sore extra dimples in the small of your back.

  • Wear heels. Don't ask me why, but high heels make walking with a corset on not only more attractive, but more comfortable, too. The two seem to cancel out some of each other's normal discomfort.

  • Don't sit on bar stools. Obvious, yes, but still, I can't stress this enough - don't sit on bar stools. Really.

  • Avoid at all costs wearing a corset on a car drive of any significant length. Most car seats these days are designed for lounging or slouching (and are very bad for your back anyway, by the by), which a corset will make impossible and painful. If you absolutely must get ready before going a longish way in the car, leave the corset very loosely laced and have your lacer do it up on the spot.

  • And, most important of all, have fun! A good corset will make you feel slimmer, more upright, more confident and very sexy, even if you wear it under you regular clothes and nobody knows you've got it on but you. Since, to be fair, it really is an uncomfortable business, wearing one for special occasions and savouring the slightly decadent feeling is loads of fun.

When to wear a corset

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