I love a girl who went to art school, and I've never had any regrets. In fact, I enjoy life with her so much that I married her. It was only very recently, and I'm still amazed at being able to use the words "my wife" in conversation.

Why is windigo wrong about art school girls? Well, artists, believe it or not, seem to make good partners to geeks. My wife and I have totally different outlooks on life. For one think I am totally analytical while she will go on feelings and 'instinct' a lot more; the extent to which I am always analysing something can sometimes bug her a little. We are both creative, but in different ways. She is creative with paint, paper and material, I like her stuff but could never do it, or understand how she manages to create beauty. I am creative with Java, revelling in the sheer unadulterated bliss of creating abstract structures which work exactly as I make them to. She, in turn, appreciates my skills, but could never imagine being able to do the same.

The point is, geeks are creative too. Geeks and artists - though different personalities - complement each other well.

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