This is an old letter from 1926 we found under the floorboards of a room in Briarcliff Lodge. I don't know who Betty and Charlie are or if they ever ended up getting married, but I thought it would make a neat addition to Everything2.

Briarcliff Lodge

Briarcliff Manor, New York

Oct. 17, 1926

Dearest Betty,

Tonight when you told me that we had better wait a while before we got married, I knew immediately that you would never be mine. I had a premonition that something had happened or that something was going to happen that would prevent us from becoming man and wife and I thought that instead of telling you in words I could let you know in this way knowing that it would be easier for us both.

God only knows how much I hope my prediction will never come true but I know that it will, and when it does I am going to be the saddest, bluest, most down-hearted man you ever knew, because, you see, I loved you with all my heart and I couldn't bear to think of you ever belonging to anyone else.

I wanted to write more but I am too upset now, and the rest I can tell you when the time comes.

Lovingly yours,


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