I thought of Hermetic tonight. It's been almost 10 years. It's supposed to hurt less by now, isn't it? I miss the ever living fuck out of you, guy. I think of you any time I am sad for some other reason. I think of you any time someone casually drops the term "9-11." I think of you any time I hear that Green Day song about September. I think of you any time bipolar disorder is mentioned. I know we're supposed to move on and live life, and for the most part I do.

Then it hits me. Just like the morning when I received that dreadful call that she shouldn't have had to do ever, not even once, and especially not several times. No matter how useless you feel in life. How insignificant you think you are to everyone around you. That your life couldn't get any worse than it is.

You are wrong.

You mean something. To someone. More than you think.

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