Eduardo led his three-man assessment team forward into a new stretch of the Mina San José, unseen by anyone from the surface since the world-famous mining accident slightly over a year before. Now that the last rubble had been cleared from this part of loop six, it was up to Eduardo and his team to ensure that it was safe for engineering teams to proceed to the next part of the ramp.

He was only about a dozen paces forward when he stumbled over something. He shone his light down, and his stomach clenched. Slowly he played his light up from the body at his feet, and forward down the ramp. More bodies. He knew without counting that there would be 33 of them in all. Behind him there was a sudden, sharp sound, like someone snapping a stick, followed by a sodden thud.

Almost against his will, he turned his head to look at Florencio as the latter man stepped up beside him. "I'm sorry, Eduardo," Florencio said, placing his hands on Eduardo's shoulders.

The subsequent August 2011 Copiapó mining accident closed the Mina San José for good.

Ten Years of Terror: The 2010 Halloween Horrorquest
I would like to link to a node about the 2010 accident, but can't find one. Any pointers appreciated.

Well, I stepped on the scale today and for the first time since I can remember my weight has dropped below 215 pounds.

This represents around a 40 pound weight loss from the events that transpired about six years ago and that I don’t care to relive.

In thinking back though, I’d like to thank the many folks here who offered up support in the form of kind words, cards and visits. Even now, it means a lot to me to think that I have such friends, real or imagined.

Life goes on, hopefully for the better.

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