Serendipitous. That is what I'll call it. And strange.

I used to be addicted to Everything2. I loved the highs of getting upvotes or even a C!. And I felt really sad when my nodes ended up in node heaven.

Time passes. Fast. Everything changes. But deep inside there is part of me that is still the same.

I log in after a long hiatus. I'm level 5 instead of level 2. I don't understand anything, not to mention everything. But the nice part is that some things still work the same. Some people are still here. Like a family.

I randomly click around, start thinking about a book a read a long time ago and put the main characters name in the search box. Maldoror. An article pops up, and I read it with interest. And when I look at if I have voted on it before I notice.

I. wrote. the. article. OMGWTFBBQ. I should probably log back in here a bit more often and look at what I have written.

Here's to 100.

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