As ugly as an ugli fruit is, an ugli fruit is not an ugly fruit. While this may seem like splitting hairs or typonoding, it is not. From the ugli fruit homepage (,

    Ugli® is the registered trademark under which Cabel Hall Citrus Ltd. markets its brand of tangelos grown in Jamaica.

An Ugli® fruit is, of course, a tangelo or tangerine/grapefruit hybrid. In trying to rescue the ugli fruit nodeshell (which failed because I didn't have access to that node ), it is important to note that I am not an anal-retentive representantive of the USPTO, but merely a worker of crossword puzzles in which strange four-letter fruit names occasionally play integral roles. Thus it may be important one day for you too to understand the difference between an ugli fruit and an ugly fruit.
Ugli® fruit are card-carrying members of the The Weird Fruit Metanode
Ugli fruit are, despite bonboard's assertions, not the product of breeding a tangerine with a grapefruit, but of breeding a tangerine with a pummelo. That's why they're called (Jamaican) tangelos.

The pummelo is also spelled pomelo, and is an ancestor of the modern grapefruit. Also known as a grape fruit (transliterated) in Chinese, not to be confused with grapefruit.

Ugli is the restaraunt that actor Troy McClure takes his future ex-wife Selma Bouvier to on their second date. It's where Selma lights a cigarette up and the whole restaraunt goes apeshit. "Excuse me, I wanted a Zima, not emphe-syma!" "Please, ma'am, we don't serve contemporary California cuisine in your lungs..."

from The Simpsons, Ep. 3F15 "A Fish Called Selma"

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