Thanks to fast ride operations, it was only about a fifteen-minute wait until we climbed near the back of the train. The launch feels more powerful that S:tUE at SFWoA. I also prefer the twisting on the rear spike, which provides an odd sensation. This ride is a winner. We took a look at Disaster Transport. The ride op told us it was a walk-on.

Source: An excerpt from Nomicon's Trip Report for Cedar Point for June 12th, 2003

A trip report is a common result of a theme or amusement park trip for a roller coaster enthusiast. Generally posted to the Internet, and more specifically usually to rec.roller-coasters, trip reports are simply a long-winded rundown of a park-goers day(s) at the park. These generally include weather, crowds, ride status (running, down, long lines, fast crew, etc.), ride qualities, park updates, and any other general information regarding their day.

Readers of trip reports generally are looking for what to expect when they go and what has happened in the park lately. Reading a trip report sometimes, however, requires an intimate knowledge of the abbreviations and terminology found in the trip reports. Furthermore, being familiar with the history of certain rides or parks helps a great deal as well. It is hard to understand an update on a ride if you are unfamiliar with what the ride was previous to updating.

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