These are truly words to live by. But you may ask, why is this the case...and the even more skeptical may ask, why should I believe this crap?

If you have ever gone to Mexico for spring break or some other trip, I am sure that at least one of your friends or relatives has told you not to drink the water. This is because there are most likely micro flora and fauna present in the water that will get you most likely will not kill you, but you may wish you were dead. Whether it is because of poor sanitation or simply something your body isn't used to, the results are the're sick.

However, beer is safe water. In the process of making beer, the water that goes into it is boiled, killing all the little nasties. In addition, the yeast that ferments the wort is very hardy, and tends to beat out the competitors. Finally, the yeast produces alcohol, which most little baddies can't live in. Also, if your beer is by some off chance infected with something, it is going to taste and smell wouldn't be able to drink it if you wanted to.

Now those of you who are astute may simply ask, "Why not get bottled water?" And I would reply, "Of course, right after I finish this delicious beer."

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