One day, our spanish teacher, truly a woman of "el diablo", decided to make us do painting on t-shirts for some kind of spanish cultural day. I Still have no idea why we were forced to do this, but, long story short, we had to paint a t-shirt about our "theme country", which was Mexico.

Being the angry, rebelious, non-conformist person I am (read: "smart ass"). I created this clever design, in the Mexican national colors or red, green, and white (plus gold!). On the front, in the upper right corner, it said in simple letters, "Viva Mexico". On the reverse side, in tacky, red, green, and gold glitter paint, it read:

"Hay playas, cerveza, y tetas grandes ... es un gran pais"

Which translates to:

There are beaches, beer, and big tits ... it's a great country"

The teacher eventualy found out about it, but didn't get angry, because she's the kind of teacher who teaches you all the swear words anyway. All she told me was "If you get in trouble for wearing that (part of the "assignment" was we had to wear it for a day), I didn't know about it. I didn't, by the way.

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