A mountain in Wyoming just south of Yellowstone, Grand Teton is the center piece of Grand Teton National Park. In French, Grand Teton means "large breast," and when looking at the Grand Teton from the north shore of Yellowstone Lake that is exactly what it looks like.

The Grand Teton mountain lies in Grand Teton National Park, making up part of the Teton Range in western Wyoming. It is the highest mountain in the range at 13,770, although not the highest in the state, which is Gannett Peak (13,804). The Teton Range has 12 peaks over 12,000 feet.

Climbing the Grand Teton is no trivial matter, although there are some regular routes. The back side of the mountain is much more gradual than the front, since the mountain range was created by a fault forming and the western side being pushed on top of the eastern side. Some famous routes are the north face, north ridge, and the direct exum route, all three of which are in the “50 Classic Climbs of North America.”

The Grand Teton is very picturesque and can be seen for many miles throughout Jackson Hole valley. The nearest city is Jackson, Wyoming, which is famous for its skiing. If you do happen to have the option of camping in the area, camping across the lake results in some splendid views.

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