A city (population about 50000 according to the State of Idaho web site) in southeast Idaho with similar basic characteristics to the rest of its state.

Idaho Falls happens to be the city closest to the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, or INEL (which has changed its name since I left to the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory. Employee buses go back and forth each day for the 45-minute (one-way) trip. Idaho Falls used to have a large Navy presence, when the Navy had a nuclear reactor training facility out on the "site", as the INEL was commonly called.

Idaho Falls is a great place to live if you love nature and the outdoors. Some of the great things to do and see that aren't too far away include:

Some of the other prominent things about Idaho Falls include:
  • The large Mormon temple
  • a great "green", as the walkway around the Snake River in the middle of town is called, which include some "mini-falls" for which the town (presumably) was named
  • the Blue Room, which is a dark, smokey resturant that makes a great greasy hamburger
  • several pretty good Mexican resturants
  • a huge Army-Navy surplus store

Idaho Falls is close (40 minutes or so driving) to Pocatello, Idaho, and is about 3 hours from Salt Lake City, Utah.

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