I am sitting here with a case of sour soothers in front of me, so I shall document them.


 / _ \  ___.- "Ring"
| (_) | ___.- Color transition
 \   /_____.- Common breakage line
  ( ) ------- Slight bulge
  | | ------- Stem
  |_| _____.- "Tip", actually rounded
  • Length - 4.6e-2 m
  • Depth/height - 5e-3 m
  • Ring inner radius - 5e-3 m
  • Ring outer radius - 1.2e-2 m
  • Stem width - 9e-3 m
  • Stem length up to bottom of bulge - 1.5e-2 m
  • Bulge width - 1e-2 m
  • Mass - the container says "x300/1.1kg", so each is about 3.66 g

In this batch, all the soothers are simply dichromatic, and this is about all I've seen in any type of sour soother. As you can see in the anatomy, the color transition takes place at about the bottom of the ring. I have seen other sour soother variants which have an A-B-A color pattern, but I have none of these at hand.
Color combinations:

They are definetely sour. They all seem to taste exactly the same, but that's probably because my tastebuds are fried.

Of the sour soothers that are already broken, the majority seem to take place right above the "slight bulge"; a less common break point is below the bulge. Another type is the ring being broken in half, which can happen at almost any angle.

Sometimes, there are defects. One kind is the hole-less. The hole-less gives away some of the manufacturing process, as it has a bulge on one side and a pit on the other. Obviously the hole is punched.

 /   \
| .`. |  <-- A bulge where the
 \ ` /       hole should be
  ( )
  | |
Other defects involve little pieces of sour soother material jutting out at strange angles.

The weird thing
I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but there is a strange object in my sour soother container. It is made of sour soother material. It's almost two sour soothers long. If this is a defect I'm gonna put it on a trophy board and show it off to everybody. The tapering in the middle is more gradual than I drew.

 /   \
|     |                 Green
|     |
`.   .' ---------------------
 |   |
 |   |                 Orange
 |   |
 |   |  _____________________
.'   `.
|     |
|     |                 Green

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