These people have acquaintances and family members who have differing opinions on their shyness. When young, they like to laugh and act silly to entertain the other children in their class. Despite this, they still don't feel they have any friends. Each friendship they come to seems unrewarding and they are apt to feeling sorry for themselves. They have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for certain projects. They are good students who can speak up in class, but find it terrifying to speak to other students outside of the school setting. At home they are loud and even annoying at times. They can be smart-asses. Their demeanor changes with the people that surround them. They are self-conscious around their peers, but can usually talk easily with those who are much older or younger. Some of them might be called dorks, but they tend to check what they say and do for fear of looking foolish. Their double personality causes them inner turmoil. They have trouble in relationships because they find it difficult to even enter into one. Flirting directly is a big no-no. They are well aware of a crush's presence in a room, but will never make direct eye-contact or conversation, unless it is unavoidable. They instead will drop conversation within earshot of the crush, hoping that they will find the talker interesting. The shy introvert finds that this never works, but continues doing it anyway. They are not very noticeable except to the few people who know them well. They find being the center of attention both exhilarating and horrible.

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