A popular concept in fiction, whether it be all out fantasy or simply a little dash of magical realism.

The world of sentient objects differs from work to work, along with the degree of their ability to interact with and imitate humans. They sometimes communicate with each other, but not with humans, like the toys in a Jim Henson christmas special (anyone recall the name of this one? msg me?) who got up and played with themselves when the kids weren't in the room. (They also "froze forever", basically dying, if the humans found proof of their sentience, making it somewhat like a muppet christmas horror flick. Kinda twisted.) In Skinny Legs and All, by Tom Robbins, a conch shell and a painted stick teach a can 'o beans a spoon, and a dirty sock to locomote.(This could explain the age old question, "What happened to my socks?")

The fantasy genre is riddled with talking, moving, magical items from swords, to jewels, to blocks of stone. Like Stormbringer the vampyric sword which feeds on souls and sings in combat (not Opera, just an eerie, whistling moan), only communicating to it's wielder through subtle feelings. In Piers Anthony's world of Xanth, Dor has a magical talent which causes inanimate objects in his vicinity to talk, usually revealing intimate details about their lives and suggesting that they're all wallflowers, watching everything and just never saying anything about it. The Luggage never talks, but wanders around on many tiny, pink legs, following its "owner" and eating or running over anyone who threatens him.

Consider making up some sentient objects of your own. It's a great exercise in fictional character development.

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