The ultimate cry of stoicism. No matter how hurt, how much blood is spilling out on the floor, or how many signals in your neurons are activated in pain, one should always be able to walk it off.

Particularly a phenomenon of the Midwestern regions of the United States of America, "walk it off" stemmed from many farming accidents, where Jimmy would lose a hand or something in the thresher, but that didn't mean that the crop could just rot in the field. In a move Marcus Aurelius would approve mightily, some uncle of Jimmy lost in the mists of time invented the term "walk it off" to let him know he could still bale hay with his left arm.

This term is a great analgesic for anything up to and including major dismemberments, and it works. Besides, telling it to someone else almost always make them feel guilty, as if they should be able to shrug off any injury done to them.

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