don't worry about it.
you have to understand that
i was doing something i love
whereas you were doing something
you didn't really care much about.

i wish you could see
it doesn't matter that
you took me shopping.
it only mattered that
you took me somewhere.

say we were going car
shopping, i am pretty sure
our roles will be reversed.

when you took me to the mall
you were happy because of clothes
and i was happy because of you.
if we were looking at cars
you would be unhappy and bored
i would look at you and frown.

to tell you the truth i was really grateful
that you put up with my shopping
habits, i was totally afraid that i was
gonna offend you by spending too much time
at the stores.

i did not put up with anything.
on the contrary, i enjoyed watching you
move from shelf to shelf.
each item of clothing that
you modeled for me
made my secret crush
that much more intense.

so hey if you are tired, you are tired
right?  don't feel bad.

how can i not feel bad?
i wish i had the energy
to keep up with you.
i want you to know
that i love being with you.

and if i need a second opinion again,
i'll still invite you to come along...
that is, if you don't mind
all the walking and all.

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