The following events take place on 10-1-06 and they were recorded in a 2x2.5 inch hand-bound paper notebook. We have not successfully time traveled since this instance. Thoughts were abandoned in favor of more complete, important thoughts.

- - -
Time Unknown
Tonight we got some acid from one of Ralph's friends.
Double laced somethin' somethin' from San Francisco.

1:48 am
We are smoking a bowl before we taste the tabs... one last moment of sanity.....
...who knows?

2:20 am
Valoree, James, and I swallowed
(after thoroughly (oops--scribble) sucking on) our tabs.
We are watching Shrek.

2:42 AM
Nothing yet... But I am getting adrenaline rushes every now and then.

3:33 am
Slight visuals. Radio worm-holed over to me for a second.
James showed us a trippy never ending painting.
Captian's Log. Log like poop. With pictures!

3:50 am
Lots of giggles. Slight hallucinations.
We're smoking a bowl with James and watching the 10,000 Fingers of Dr. T and listening to Demon Days.

4:04 am
Windows of coherency.
I wonder how long they'll be open...?
This movie rocks w/ 9Gorillaz].
Singing: "It is ticking... Falling down!"

4:09 am
Valoree, she just argued for fun.
Valoree is arguing at me. Or to me. At this point. I'm not even so sure of my skills.

4:26 am
It's swill-icious
Valoree: "Write that down."
Singing: "That's what you do baby.
Hold it down."

5:04 am
Feeling groovy and mellow.
"Like a Mexican flag on a baby blue background..."
Speaks for itself.

6:01 am
Singing: "We are the light that travels into space..."
(Quote from song that was relevant at the time)
Nice visuals.
The universe is contained in my hallway bathroom.
Or so it seems when it's all dark and stuff in there.
Also. This paper seems very damp.
Almost alive. Very pliable.
(6:07 am)

8:05 am Frying eggs
or peaches
or balls. Tell Ron's Acid Trip guy that we dug his shit hardcore. ZoomQuilt is the shit.

8:08 am
We must tell Dane Cook about
the drugs and his painting.

8:11 am
officially FRYING BaLLs
Its been happening for awhile.
I've been to gone to finish. I <3 this paper, (It's 8:22 am.)

8:42 am
Valoree:"Write that down"
Valoree wants to leave the bubble.
No one likes the Mystery DumDums.
Valoree: "When does Pizza Hut Open?"
Xtle: "11 am."

8:45 am
If we had another tab, we would eat them.
What's so bad about the perma-trip?
Noit necessarily ACID, but 'shrooms. James says more to do soon.
We're all kind of hungry, but not willing to leave.

8:52 am
Too much day time. Invent a room where night-time is more like a state of mind.
Cuz then the sun can't fuck with us.

8:54 am
James has an idea for a video game
that is just cool shit for people on acid.
Valoree says my sentences are choppy and mysterious

8:57 am
Painting Valoree's face?

James keeps smoking all the bowls he packed without passing them.
Valoree: "Hey, Gimmee that..."

Acid = Time travel.
By keeping this log we can retreat back 10 minutes. We're living it to put it in this book.
This book?
Is like our future.
Cuz in 10 minutes, we will all be reading it.
It's out present now too.
Time is contained in these weird, damp pages.
(9:05 am)
Write it and it shall be so.
I want it to rain.
Valoree= Art (of new world)
James= Engineering of game
No beginning. No end.
James: "This can be done."
Like Monsters Inc., Opening doors to different realities.

9:12 am
the fuck.

9:14 am
Time to catch up. Valoree reads my notes.

How would you word something in Past Future Tense?

James: "Now is the past of the future."

9:33 am
Painting Valoree's face. Statement!

Recipe of 2 cups delivery newspapers
Heck yes Chester!

10:22 am
40 mins to Pizza Hut. Valoree is peeling the paint off her face. James is looking for trippy stuff on youtube.
Homer's chili pepper trip. Guatemalan Insanity Peppers.
Are we in Shelbyville yet?
Pause time so we can catch up.

10:30 am
Call Jehova's Witnesses. I want to answer the door like this and have a chat.

10:32 am

We changed from James' laptop to the computer to watch Floyd's The Wall.

10:54 am 6 mins to order pizza.
Wonder what April is doing.

Singing: "Man Vs. Nature
Nature Vs. Man
Destroy me. Invisible movement.

Still goin'
I <3 Paul Banks
Singing: (the subway is a porno)
I can watch us grow into the future forever.

11:00 am
Pizza Time!

Pineap-- (thought is cut off here).

11-something am
I snuck into the bathroom to sneak myself into your book. The hair curlers look trippy. I drew a little beret on the french hand man. Quoi?

11:07 am
No Pizza. Goat Cheesey Bread instead

11:39 am
April is coming over. Zero 7 is playing
and I feel like my trip is starting all over.
We used the Time Travel Book to catch up April. She can now time travel using this book.
(11:45 am)
April is here.

12:20 pm
I'm kind of done.
But it will still rain.
April: "Fucken Lesbians."
Also, red lipstick has a way of starting out all of my funnest times.
Getting a blow job from Pierre, the hand puppet.

12:26 pm
Dave called. Call Dave about room for rent. (We never called him back)
Vacalv is bad at throwing parties, April Says.

We are the light that travels into space.

12:36 am
Thought I was done. But no.
Still groovin'

Hippies must have been pretty groovy.
April said her mom used to be a groovy hippie but not so much anymore.
Valoree is out of the shower. Who knows what we'll do today?

ha ha ha I wrote here too. -V

You suck. You have your own book to document.
Bitch. - C

12:27 pm
This is it. The end already.
No rain.
The ceiling seems like it's tired of being our tripometer.

What a wonderful world.

I don't know.
I just don't know.

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