Plural of pudendum.

The external genital organs of a human being (i.e. the dangly bits).

Used in a sentence: A circumcision can be described as an addendum to the pudendum.
Actually, "pudenda" literally means "shameful things" in Latin. This is one of those facts which is constantly annoying to those of us who don't find sex to be shameful.

It's also sexist, as originally it referred only to the female parts in question ...

("Genitals" is better, but not terribly better, on account of there being lots of other things to do with them than reproduction.)

Pu*den"da (?), n. pl. [L., from pudendus that of which one ought to be ashamed, fr. pudere to be ashamed.] Anat.

The external organs of generation.


© Webster 1913.

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