A term tossed about by the religious right and conservatives when talking about the moral decline of society and used to describe themselves. It seems to be used to imply that the people they disagree with are somehow anti-family.

However, when they talk about pro-family, it seems they use a rather narrow definition of family that fits perfectly with how they live. There seems to be a desire to change others, requiring them to live the same way.

Pro-family does not mean any family. Usually it means a modern Christian family, and no other, by the people using the term.

Making trivial the most basic human concepts.

Such loudly pronounced concepts as "pro-family" become platforms because they assume the existence of opposition to "family." As with most loudly trumpeted causes to rally around, from either side of the abortion debate to saving rainforests and animal rights, the key to success is to take one interpretation of a simple concept and market it as the only true interpretation.

No one can argue with basic concepts, so you must always return to the basic concept to justify your interpretation.

Since the beginning of time, people have tried to call together bands of supporters to ride their viewpoint on issues into the glory of universal acceptance. In order to accomplish this, those who do not support one's interpretation must be made to look as if they are deriding the concept and not the interpretation. This is the trick. How can one be against families? How can one be in favor of tormenting cute little bunnies? How can one support destruction of the environment? Now, sign here on the dotted line. We accept donations. There is also a small membership fee.

Any organization wishing to wield political clout, especially in the United States, must be capable of mass marketing itself. Such organizations count on casual donations as well as hard core supporters. As such, the most marketable elements of their program must be touted at the right times.

Upset about television and movie violence having an impact on your teenager? We're also concerned, write us a check and we'll do something about it. Think that moral values are on a slippery slope of decline in our society? We think the same thing. Send us a check, we'll send you our newsletter and we'll do something about it.

If you want to be pro-family, the place to start is with your own. Support your family, forgive your family, and accept your family. They are who they are and they are your kin, so you need to love them. Help them when they need your help, but not by telling them how to live. Help them by showing them how to help themselves. Be an example. Learn from them what you can and teach them what you can. That is pro-family.

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