Second single by singer Chinen Rina that sold 200,000 units! Like the previous single DO-DO FOR ME, this song was produced by Cozy Kubo. The single is presented on the smaller 'half-size' type of CD that was the popular format for singles in Japan. Today, this smaller size has been replaced by full size maxi-singles.

precious delicious is a great single--far superior to the debut single DO-DO FOR ME. The melody is very catchy and the vocals are crystal clear, making it one of her most popular and well-known songs. It was used in a commercial tie-in for the Housefruit-in-Jelly product and as the theme song for a drama on NTV.

"precious delicious" is an energetic and optimistic love song. The title refers to love itself. The song is the plea of a young girl to a boy that she is in love with to go with her down the road of life. "We always had big aspirations as kids," she tells him, "Let's always have them." He worries about the specifics and she is telling him not to worry and just enjoy love.

It's a nice message, I think. Too often we get caught up in the worries of life. The song is an outlook on life and love that a young person might have. In our youth, our options and the tomorrows we may encounter are endless.

The c/w song is kirai ni natta yo, a slower and more low song. It's interesting to hear the contrast between the two songs. The vocals are again solid. The tempo is really slow and the style, slightly influenced by jazz. It's very different from Rina's typical style.

A backing track for "precious delicious" is included. The title track is five minutes, fourteen seconds in length.

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