Debut single by singer Chinen Rina. DO-DO FOR ME is an energetic pop song that was released 21 October 1996. Rina was only fifteen years of age when she released this single! However, her clean vocals are ageless. The power with which she sings gives the music all of its strength.

It is true that the song is a very straightforward pop song with the typical fun chorus and slightly less impressive verses, but the interesting sound Rina brings to the song makes up for this. The song has a very young, stylish sound.

Showing that she can wield English in a song, Rina sings out phrases like, "I don't know enough about you" and "I need you more" with a much better intonation than many of her peers in the J-pop industry at the time. I had little difficulty understanding any of the English she used, and of course the Japanese was fluid and fluent.

The strong use of English to bring variety and accent the song's Japanese base is truly a great accomplishment of the lyricist. Some songs are riddled with awkward English, but this is not a problem in this song.

The c/w track for the song is Black Paradise. This is a very calm and soulful song showing Rina's lower range. She has an amazing vocal range, singing energetically in the higher registers and with a lot of "umph" in the lower. Black Paradise is an example of the slower, more mature sound from Rina.

A backing track or karaoke track for DO-DO FOR ME is included.

Overall, this is a very solid CD. Unfortunately, the single has gone out of print. People interested can still catch the song on Rina's debut album Growing and her best collection Passage ~Best Collection~.

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