The pitchfork is also the weapon of choice for Satan and crazy farmers with buxom, yet sexually naive daughters. Like that guy in Grant Wood's American Gothic or the farmer in Back to the Future. That guy was a moron. He hears what he thinks is space aliens in his barn and goes to check it with a lantern and a pitchfork (actually I'm told it was a broom, but the two are very, very similar inasmuchas they are both sticks with things at the end). Sure, later on he goes back to get his shotgun, but if he had just gotten his gun at the beginning, he could've nailed Michael J. Fox once he got out of the car and saved us all from four years of Spin City.

If I was Satan I think I'd choose something a little more stylish than a pitchfork. A katana, perhaps, like that Highlander guy had. I bet I could do some serious evil with something like that.

Pitch"fork` (?), n.

A fork, or farming utensil, used in pitching hay, sheaves of grain, or the like.


© Webster 1913.

Pitch"fork`, v. t.

To pitch or throw with, or as with, a pitchfork.

He has been pitchforked into the footguards. G. A. Sala.


© Webster 1913.

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