Also known as "the shocka" or referred to by the phrase "two in the pink and one in the stink". The previous phrase describes this sexual act performed on a woman. The index finger and the middle finger are placed in the woman's vagina, the ring finger is held by the thumb, and the pinky goes into the woman's anus. This can be a very arousing experience since two erotic regions are being stimulated at once. The hand gesture is frequently found in pictures of college males since they find it humorous and it is an obscure gesture.

For added effect, use your thumb to stimulate the clitoris (hold your thumb like you were making a gun, bang-bang). I have heard this called the shocker with bean tickler, or said in a heavy fake german accent, "the shocker mit bean tickler".

A villain published by Marvel Comics. The Shocker first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #46 in 1967.

Herman Schultz was your average three-time loser. In prison for his third time on a burglary charge, Schultz decided to use his natural inventive abilities to create a tool to help him quickly and quietly open safes. To this end, Schultz used spare parts from the prison shop to create an industrial strength vibrator of sorts. Giving off waves of vibrations, Schultz's devices would allow him to shake a safe door until it fell off from the vibrations. How having a large metal door vibrate in place against the rest of a safe and the break and fall to the ground could be mistaken for being a silent way of opening it up has yet to be explained.

Schultz's new device, which Schultz dubbed his vibro-shock units, left prison with him. Schultz however learned a valuable physics lesson when he first tried using them. Discovering that for every action there is an equal and opposite ]reaction], Schultz was nearly shaken to death when he employed his devices, which he wore on his wrists and operated with a thumb trigger. Schultz then created a costume that was padded to help absorb the vibrations of the gauntlets, and a mask to hide his identity. The quilted uniform gave him a rather puffy look that he feared would not be taken seriously, so he named himself The Shocker.

On his first foray into the world with his new device, the Shocker met resistance from Spider-Man. The two clashed and though the Shocker initially gained the upper hand, Spider-Man eventually defeated him and sent him to jail. This began a long line of defeats for the Shocker. Even teaming up with other villains, like the Masters of Evil, met with little success.

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