Kiwi Kraze is an odd game from the creators of Bubble Bobble. The main character is a Kiwi who travels from zoo to zoo across New Zealand freeing other Kiwis. He shoots small arrows by default, unless he kills an enemy which drops some kind of modification. As in Bubble Bobble, after a certain amount of time passes, an unkillable enemy comes and attempts to kill you. In this case, it is a demon with a clock on his chest and a pitchfork in his hands.

  • Arrows: These look like red arrows. When aquired, the Kiwi shoots arrows which move in a straight line until stopped by something..
  • Lasers: These look like small green guns. When aquired, The Kiwi shoots laser beams that move until they hit an enemy.
  • Bombs - This looks like a small black bomb with a fuse. When aquired, the Kiwi drops small bombs which go out a bit and fall straight down (not very useful if you don't have a flying pad).
  • Flying Pads: These look like either an egg-basket shaped thing or the head of some cow-like animals. This enables him/her to fly by pressing the jump button.
  • Time Stop: These look like a small yellow clock. When you get on it, everything but you freezes for about 10 seconds.
  • Books: This looks like a large white book. When aquired, it kills everything on the screen.
  • Staff: This looks like a small white staff. When you get it, you start blinking and become invincible.

  • Hermit Crabs: Red shellbound things which occasionally let out a green spikey ball which crawls along the floor.
  • Bigger Hermit Crabs: These look like Hermit Crabs, but they are slightly larger. They shoot a bullet out which acts like an arrow (see above).
  • Troopers: These look like little people with blue hats on. They will throw a boomerang which goes about 1/2 a screen-length and then return to him.
  • Flying Troopers: These seem to be Troopers on flying pads, they throw a spear directly upward.
  • Owls: Large red owls on flying pads. They will shoot red arrows, if you kill them without hurting their flying pad, you can steal it. If you hit their flying pad, they will fall to the ground and die.
  • Cool Owls: Exactly like above, but they are blue and have sunglasses on.
  • Bats: These are black bats which come out and fly in a straight line.
  • Frogs: These jump around for a while, then get in a ball and emit 5 pellets in all different directions.
  • Fire Things: These are little flaming black things that will drop from the sky and coem to kill you.
  • Demon: A large red demon with a clock around his neck and a pitchfork in his hand, he is unkillable and comes to hurt you after you have taken too long on a given level.

Manufacturer: Taito
Year: 1988
System: NES/Arcade

Release informaiton from:,_The.html

Note: I am unsure of any official names, I am just saying what I have seen from playing the game. If you have any information about the real names of these things or things I left out, please /msg me.

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