Piecepack, as described by the creator himself, is "The Flexible, Portable, Affordable Board Game System". Essentially it is a collection of board game pieces that can be used for any created game because they are public domain but credit ought to be given, though not required, to creator James Kyle. Anyone can create and publish either the pieces or rules for the pieces.

What comes in the piecepack?
The basic piecepack contains 56 pieces that revolve around four suits (Arms - blue, Crowns - yellow, Moons - black, and Suns - red) and six values (null, ace, 2, 3, 4, 5):
  • 24 tiles: one tile for each suit and value combination on one side and on the back a cross pattern that creates a four smaller, equal size squares.
  • 24 coins: one coin for each suit and value combination with the value in black and the other side with the colored suit.
  • 4 dice: one die for each suit with the six values on the die.
  • 4 pawns: one pawn for each of the four colors.
Can I make a piecepack or order it?
Please do either! There are a few places where you can print out patterns for the pieces (piecepack.org) as well as a few places you can order wooden piecepacks (mesomorph.com). Print your own patterns and affix them to some sort of backing to create your own. In either case the measurements of the pieces are quite standardized:
  • Tiles: 2" X 2" X ¼" (depth obviously only in the wooden models)
  • Coins: ¾" diameter X 1/8"
  • Dice: ½" X ½" X ½"
  • Pawns: 5/8" diameter X 1 1/8" tall
What can I play with these things?
Numerous well thought out games! There is an index of submitted game rules in .pdf form but your best bet is to start with the design contest winners:
  • Kidsprout Jamboree: A game designed by Ron and Marty Hale-Evans that won the Time Marches On design contest. Judge and piecepack creator James Kyle choose out of five entries of games designed using the system and involved time, clock, timer, or calendar.
  • Alien City: One of the most popular games designed using the piecepack, Alien City won the Ludic Synergy design contest. The requirements behind this contest, judged by the previous contest winners, had designers use meld the piecepack with another commonly available game or game pieces. Alien City melded with the Icehouse set (essentially pyramids). Michael Schoessow's game won out of seven entries.
  • New City: As January of 2003 rolled around the third design contest, Changing Landscapes, had sixteen entries more than doubling the previous contest. Submissions in this contest had to have some sort of mutable, changing, board. New City, designed by Rob LeGood, had this concept down to the point where it was highly replayable.
  • Pharaoh's Heir: The winner of the following summer's contest, History Repeats Itself, had only five entries. The requirements of basing the game on some sort of history apparently were restrictive.
  • Unknown Title: At current the competition, Solitary Confinement, is still underway. Designers have entered games that can be played solo with the piecepack set.

Since it's creation piecepack has gained a following bridging Yahoo! Groups, numerous player made expansions (including the most popular Icepack Piecepack), piecepackgear, and over 50 published lists of game directions and more to come! Personally I love the piecepack. It gives gamers some freedom, flexibility, and ability to evolve without buying new games. It transports very easily, can be used for numerous game types, and, if you so choose, you can create your own! For more information visit piecepack.org.

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