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Game started: January 29th, 2001

mat catastrophe: Hello Brave Adventurer - Welcome to Moria. The dungeons are deep and there is a monster awaiting you.
mat catastrophe: Obvious Exits: N - Random Nodes, S - ENN
--OutpostMir--: Go North
AlexZander: It is dark here. You are likely to get eaten by a grue.
--OutpostMir--: what do I see?
--OutpostMir--: grr, lag. I light my torch and draw my sword
WonkoDSane: Your sword glows blue.
--OutpostMir-- searches for a secret passageway "There's always a secret passageway..."
--OutpostMir--: may I activate an aura?
achan: no, but you may activate a laura
--OutpostMir-- activates his Red laura. He feels accelerated...
--OutpostMir--: What directions can I go in now?
AlexZander:You see a stairway leading up to the Page of Cool
--OutpostMir-- walks up the stairway, humming Led Zepplin songs as he goes
--OutpostMir--: what do I see?
AlexZander: OutpostMir - Up here is a seemingly infinite hallway. Lining the walls are links to cooled nodes.
--OutpostMir--: ok, I walk down the hall and enter LSD and the CIA
AlexZander: This node is very trippy. You see images of men in black, swirling all around you. You can't see any visible exits.
--OutpostMir--: I activate my prismatic laura and attempt to become pure love
--OutpostMir--: I feel dizzy...
AlexZander: Your prismatic laura shatters from the overwhelming trippiness of the colors around you. You start to get dizzy
--OutpostMir--: I resort to Keanu Reaves mode....Whoa.
AlexZander: Your brilliant deduction solidifys the room around you. The paint on the walls still crawls, but you can see a door to the east.
--OutpostMir--: wow, that actually worked. I run east
AlexZander: The door melts away at your touch. Before you, you see a brick hallway, as if you were in an alley between two buildings, but you can't see the roofs. It's dark out, and a chill wind whips down the hallway.
--OutpostMir--: I activate my gold laura to keep warm, and then I climb the wall
AlexZander: You try to find handholds, but you fail. You'd need special equipment to climb this wall.
--OutpostMir--: ok, I walk out of the alley and onto the nearest sidewalk
AlexZander: You walk down the alley until you lose sight of the door to the trippy LSD room behind you. Now you stand in the middle of the alley, unable to see either end in the dark
--OutpostMir--: I would like to save my game, I need to go eat
AlexZander: Enter a save game name (default: OutpostMir.sav)
--OutpostMir--: savegame as outpostmir.sav
AlexZander: Game saved. It can be found at outpostmir.sav as soon as the database has been updated.

Game Loaded: February 10th, 2001

--OutpostMir--: Is my Red Star Medalion in my pack? I swear I packed it
AlexZander: Inventory: You have 2 Lauras and a lantern.
--OutpostMir--: well, I'm still in Keanu mode from the Trippy Room, aren't I? I should have a phone
AlexZander: Your phone was thrown out a window. A very high window.
--OutpostMir--: bummer. Ok, I continue walking down the hall to the other door
AlexZander: As you walk down the hallway, you don't seem to recall ever seeing another door.
AlexZander: The walls waver a little and you try not to become dizzy. You've been walking a long time down this alley/hallway.
--OutpostMir--: I stop and eat a sammich and drink a Spritetm
AlexZander: Imagining a large deli-style sammich doesn't help. You're still hungry and thirsty.
--OutpostMir--: that's it. I use a Teleportation Laura to teleport somewhere. Anyplace is better than here, especially if there's food nearby
AlexZander: Your Laura warms in your hand, and you wink out of existence. The dust swirls around where you were standing and then all is still.
AlexZander: You wink back into existence in an abandoned amusement park, next to a hot dog stand. Your Laura is gone.
--OutpostMir--: does any of the booth's equipment still work?
AlexZander: You rattle around in the hot dog stand until you find a package of 30 Ballpark hot dogs in the freezer, along with some buns. The steamer is functional, but it needs water to work.
--OutpostMir--: hm...water. I look around to see whats around me
AlexZander: The deserted amusement park is dusty, and very, very dry. Tumbleweed blows between some of the rides and stands, but for some reason, the power still works in some places.
--OutpostMir--: I walk to the park's office and look for a phone
AlexZander: You look around for a few minutes and find an abandoned trailer that seems to have served as the office. There is a phone here.
--OutpostMir--: Does the phone work?
AlexZander: You pick up the receiver. It emits what sounds like a dialtone, but underneath you are sure you hear something else.
--OutpostMir--: what does this other thing sound like?
AlexZander: Almost like a conversation, but a tad too quiet to make out. If you had sensibilities, you'd be more frightened of it than you are.
--OutpostMir--: I hang up the phone. Great. I'll pass out before I reach the next town if I walk, and if I don't get in contact with someone, I'll likely starve. What's in this office anyway?
AlexZander: There is a desk, a chair, a ratty bed, and a refridgerator rattling away in the corner. Before walking away from the phone, you notice that the cord was severed from the wall.
--OutpostMir--: I'm scared now. What's in the fridge?
AlexZander: There is a jar, painted black, on the shelf, and a plastic milk container full of slightly yellowed water. The rest of the shelves are bare.
--OutpostMir--: I'll take the water, it's going to be boiled off in the steamer anyway, and the black jar, being sure to keep it shut tight. I head back to the hot dog stand
AlexZander: You take the two items and put them under your arms. The trailer door creaks shut behind you, and you trot off through the dust to the hot dog stand
--OutpostMir--: I carefully smell the water, hoping it smells *only* like old water
AlexZander: It smells like old water, but you can only HOPE that it's 100% water.
--OutpostMir--: What's in the jar?
AlexZander: You can't know what's in the jar without opening it. The paint flakes a little though.
--OutpostMir--: You said I have one Laura left. What does it do?
AlexZander: Lauras are transmutable. Your Laura will complete one function for you of your choice by declaring what type of laura it is when you use it. (eg: Prismatic Laura, Teleportation Laura, etc)
--OutpostMir--: Oh DUH! Why didn't I think of this before! I use a Cleansing Laura on the Yellowed Water, making it pure water
AlexZander: You now have a jug of crystal clear water. A Poland Springtm label appears on the outside of the jug as your last Laura disappears.
--OutpostMir--: Yes! I put some of the water into the steamer and cooks a hot dog. Lunch is served
AlexZander: The buns are still frozen. You think maybe you should steam them too.
--OutpostMir--: ok, I do that
[AlexZander[: You now have one hotdog (and bun), a meal of questionable nutritional value, but it smells tasty nonetheless.
--OutpostMir--: Is there a refridgerator in this booth?
AlexZander: There is no refrigerator, only a freezer. You reason that the lack of space doesn't allow for both.
--OutpostMir--: Well it's something, and it'll have to hold me over until I can get some real food. I finish the hot dog, take a sip of water to quench my thirst, and return the food to the fridge in the office
AlexZander: You worry about how the food will stay fresh for long in this heat in the refrigerator. It doesn't look like it'll hold out much longer, it's clanking inside.
--OutpostMir--: Is there some sort of paper towl tube or such in here? I could use that to hear the voices on the phone
AlexZander: You find a roll of toilet paper in the trailer's airplane-sized bathroom, but no paper towel tubes of any kind
--OutpostMir--: I guess that'll have to do. Is there a way I can get the cardboard part of the roll out?
AlexZander: You think you could simply roll the paper onto the plastic tube that usually holds the roll in place in the dispenser if you were diligent enough.
--OutpostMir--: No, that would waste precious time and energy. I take the roll back into the office and use it to listen to the phantom phone conversation
--OutpostMir--: I press one end of the roll against the reciever, and my ear agains the other end. What do I hear?
AlexZander: The padding of the toilet paper insulates the tube from the wind that leaks into the trailer. You think that if you HAD unrolled the paper, you wouldn't hear much more than you had before, but now, you can hear the voices clearly. You hear:

Is the beast ready for the hunt? (in a deep, gravelly voice)
Yes, master, as you requested. The prey has moved, however. It might be harder to catch than we thought before. (Whiney voice)
I am certain that you will find him. Has the beast removed a significant portion of the population yet?(gravelly voice)

--OutpostMir--: Is that all?
AlexZander: The conversation continues as long as you care to listen
--OutpostMir--: Ok. So apparently the Hall of Cool was around here somewhere. I continue listening
Yes sire. 45% of the population has been depleted as far. We'll certainly catch him if we let the beast continue. (whiney voice)
Excellent.. Now, as for the finan ... ... Shmee, do you hear that? (gravelly voice)

--OutpostMir--: This looks I have enough energy to transform?
--OutpostMir-- hangs up
AlexZander: You need a Laura to do that.
--OutpostMir--: And I'm fresh out. I doubt I have the time to scour the grounds for a weapon, and I can only use magical attacks as Kessoku Senshi Red. I step outside and look around
AlexZander: The abandoned amusement park looks pretty much the same as it did a few moments ago.
--OutpostMir--: There's no other buildings except the trailer and the snack booth?
AlexZander: You didn't pay much attention before. There are several rides, other snack booths, and some tents. But, other than that, nothing.
--OutpostMir--: I walk towards a small tent nearby and look inside being careful incase anyone is in there to avoid detection
AlexZander: There is nobody inside. Some trunks and chests are stacked on the floor in the middle of the room.
--OutpostMir--: Are any of them unlocked?
AlexZander: Two of the smaller chests are devoid of locks of any kind. Your arm begins to ache from carrying the jar and the water jug
--OutpostMir--: I put both jugs down and look at the small chests. I slowly, carefully open one. (Where's that damn russian spy when you need him most?)
AlexZander: The chest you choose to open snaps shut on your hand, as if the lid was spring loaded. Your hand throbs as you pull it free of the nasty chest.
--OutpostMir--: YOW!
--OutpostMir--: Alright, if I'm going to get anywhere, I'm going to have to take a risk or two. I carefully open the little black jar I just put down
AlexZander: You open the LARGE black jar you had been lugging around. Inside, you see two Lauras in a pool of green fluid.
AlexZander: The fluid begins to smoke when it becomes exposed to the light in the tent.
--OutpostMir--: I thrust my hand in and pull the Lauras out as quickly as possible, then I get the hell out of the tent
--OutpostMir--: OW OW OW OW!
AlexZander: Your hand smokes and smoulders as you run out of the tent into brighter light, leaving the water behind. You think maybe you should have just broken the jar and let the Lauras dry in the sun.
--OutpostMir--: Well, little bit late to think "what if?", now isn't it? Well, I now have two new Lauras, right?
AlexZander: Two new lauras and an acid-burned hand that hurts more and more as you stand in the sun, yes.
--OutpostMir--: I go back and get the water, then run out again
--OutpostMir--: I duck into the shade of a near-by booth and think. Adding water to this acid is probably a bad idea, god only knows what sort of reaction would result if I put some water on it. Is there anything I can use to cover my hand?
AlexZander: The pain in your hand is bearable, but really pretty bad still. The water jug in your other hand is cool, and despite your reasoning, you're still tempted to rinse it off.
--OutpostMir--: Ok, what's the worst that could happen. Hey wait, the ground's sandy from being so dry, right?
AlexZander: You could use your shirt to cover your hand, but the thought of touching your hand makes you cringe.
AlexZander: The ground is indeed sandy, but you hardly think making an open wound dirty is a particularly good idea either.
--OutpostMir--: I thought it was just a burn. Oh well, I put a little water on the cut.
AlexZander: You sigh in relief as the water washes over your hand. Still, it is stiff and sore and hard to move.
--OutpostMir--: Ok, I've eaten, I've taken care of this burn, now the only thing left is that monster and those two guys on the phone. I look towards the large tent in the center of the park
AlexZander: Your hand aches, and you have to carry the water jug in your other hand. The large tent in the center of the park is blue and yellow striped. The flap is closed, but you don't hear any commotion from inside.
--OutpostMir--: Didn't I have a sack I was carrying my equipment in? Can I put the water jug in there?
AlexZander: your backpack is far too small to hold the lantern, the Lauras, and the jug at the same time.
--OutpostMir--: I need to stop now. Save game outpostmir.sav
AlexZander: Game saved as outpostmir.sav

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