An exciting new idea started by mat catastrophe in the Chatterbox this very evening.

Much more flexible than actual text adventures, since there is a real live human doing the interpretation, I think this is a grand way to entertain or be entertained in the cheddarbox! Even more fun is when multiple people work cooperatively on running the game, or playing the game.

As a suggestion -- try to include nodes and writeups in your chatterbox text adventure. You can use the contents of these nodes to help the description, or just substitute the idea of a node as a room in a regular text adventure. Your players could follow hardlinks as exits from that node/room. (and have FUN)

From now on, those high enough level should create their own room to run the game in so that we don't spam the chatterbox. If you can't make your own room, /msg someone who can...

Current Games:

  • Outpostmir.sav
  • Next time you're bored and in a chatterbox, start your own game.. or /msg me and I'll start one for you!

    As for managing saved games, /msg me when you add a saved game node. If you continue a game for someone else, add a writeup to that saved game, and I'll do the same if I continue one of your games for that person.

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