It's only a truly advanced civilization that can make spring water sparkle.

In my effort to node the refreshing details of every refreshing beverage that has made it into my refreshing rotation of things to drink when I want to be refreshed, I feel it is important to note that these 33.8 fluid ounces of bottled vitality are truly worthy of the word "sparkling."

Being from Maine, you'd expect the stuff to be clean and crisp, with that taste-bud bite combination of CO2 and natural flavor that has been pleasing mouths, in one form or another, since 1845.

When you need refreshments from daily sweat and strain, Poland Spring Sparkling Spring Water will carress the bosom of your thirst, giving you a thin pillow of lime and lulling you off to the sandman world of carbon dioxide. And the stuff is healthy, to boot.

8 fluid ounces will provide your body with virtual nothingness: On top of all those happy returns, you even get 5 cents for the botthe in CT, DE, IA, MA, ME, NY, OR and VT, and 10 cents in MI!

The source of this elixer is Poland Spring, in Poland Spring, ME. If you're interested in contacting these Maine folk, direct all inquiries to:


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