I know a lot of people complain about "new music" radio stations (myself included). All the music sounds the same. The punky (sidestream)sound is just the pop phase of grunge. Sure, I'd probably even like a lot of it, if I was overloaded on it for the last 10+ years. But you know, we sound like our parents when we say, "All music sounds the same these days. I remember when alternative music meant something different..."

Current alternative radio stations are playing along. Mixed in with the formula band-of-the-week, they are playing some alternative classics. Oh, did I say some? More than half of the songs played on new music stations are over 5 years old, some songs are even more than 20 years old. Whether you realize it or not, we have bitched ourselves into our own version of classic rock.

It's so sad, because there is really interesting, actually new music out there. It just takes some effort to wade through the crap to find the gems. Don't rely on radio stations to find it for you. That's when you know you've gotten old.

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