Geggy Tah is a band formed in the early 90's from Pomona, California by Greg "Geggy" Kurstin and Tommy “Tah” Jordan. Their sound is popular in college music circles, as most innovative music is. A weird blend of jazz, funk, and punk, The Village Voice described them thus: "If Dr. Seuss made albums, they might sound like Geggy Tah." They released both of their albums on the Luaka Bop label. They also feature an obsession with an unnamed and unexplained spotted terrier dog.Discography: For their second album, Sacred Cow, the band became a trio, adding drummer Daren Hahn to their ranks.

the new album
Since mid-1999, rumors have been spreading about a new Geggy Tah album, which is said to be titled Music Inspired by the Fragrance. On this album, Pamelia Kurstin (Greg’s wife) joins the band as a member, playing the theremin and bass. I suspect that the perpetual delay of this album is due to a record company screwing an artist. See, about the time the new album was slated to be released, the band’s label, Luaka Bop, was bought by Virgin. There, I believe it was put on the backburner for who knows how long. It would make sense, this sort of thing happens. Also interesting: a look at CDNOW’s discography for the band shows that the first album was re-released on March 28, 2000 on the EMD label, instead of Warner Bros., as it had been in 1994. More label BS? yup.

personal perspective
Geggy Tah’s Sacred Cow was released my 8th Grade year, and it was brought to my attention by Biskit, as much good music is. If I remember correctly, he saw the video for “Whoever You Are” on MTV (this is back when MTV actually aired videos). It became one of those albums I listened to over and over, partly because I liked it alot and partly because I couldn’t afford many new albums. Either way, I burned out on it early (kinda like I did with STP’s Core), and did not listen to it again until this year. It was surprisingly good. It had previously been one of those albums you listen to without knowing anything of the band. But now it’s all good.

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