"The first in a series of innovative computer programs which make creating new music easy and great fun, too". The idea of Dance eJay is to allow users to create music by simply dragging and dropping samples onto an 8-track view. All of the samples provided are mixed at the same rate of 140 BPM, meaning they all work together pretty much perfectly.

It is amazing how well this program works, if you don't actually want to have to learn a 'real' audio product (otherwise you'd be using a tracker for this sort of thing) and just want to quickly create some "music". You can record your own samples (although, to be quite honest, it's doubtful you're going to be able to get them to the right rate for inclusion - if you were good at audio work, you wouldn't be *using* eJay), import and export samples, as well as exporting your finished music (typically for conversion into an MP3 so you can share your masterpiece with friends).

It has an innovative (for the time - just drag-and-drop) and easy-to-use GUI, it needs no real musical knowledge (being dumbed down so much that it wouldn't be much use to you anyway), and the samples provided are of a reasonably high quality (if limited).

It was developed by PXD Media, and published by FastTrak. It runs under both Windows 3.11 and Windows 95/98 according to the System Requirements. It has spawned several sequels and add-ons as well as many imitators.

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