Fasttrakker II is a powerful music program created for MSDOS by Triton Productions in 1996. It allows sampled sounds to be played at diferent frequencies with various effects. With this approach, you could take a sample of one piano key being struck, and then use it as a piano instrument in Fasttrakker. You could also sample a drum loop, and use it for drums.

32 samples can be played simultaneously in 16 bit stereo. Songs in fasttrakker are a combination of sequencing data and instrument samples. This is called a module or mod. Mod music formats have been around since the days of the Amiga which had 8 bit stereo sound. Mod music has been used for years to produce stunning music for demos, intros, and games.

Fasttrakker also has MIDI capabilities. Instead of "playing" your PC keyboard to sequence your songs, you can record live sequences from a MIDI capable piano keyboard.

The following is a list of effects from the Fasttrakker II documentation:

    Portamento up
    Portamento down
    Tone portamento
    Portamento + Volume slide
    Vibrato + Volume slide
    Set panning position
    Sample offset
    Volume slide
    Position jump
    Set volume
    Pattern break
    Fine portamento up
    Fine portamento down
    Set glissando control
    Set vibrato control
    Set fine-tune
    Jump loop
    Set tremolo control
    Retrig note
    Fine volume slide
    Note cut
    Note delay
    Pattern delay
    Funk it! (Not implemented)
    Set speed
    Set global volume
    Global volume slide
    Set envelope position
    Panning slide
    Multi retrig note
    Extra fine portamento
    Volume column
    Set volume
    Volume slide
    Fine volume slide
    Set vibrato speed

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