In Edgar Allen Poe's poem The Raven it is what the raven said that drove the charachter to insanity and dispair. I think that it had a far more purposful meaning being his sadness over the death of his wife. (Lenore)

Progressive-Thrash-Rock band created from the ashes of the Seattle band Sanctuary.

The few songs I've heard are really well-done, if a bit cheesy. This is what heavy-metal in the 80's should have been. Glam-Rock sucks.

vocalist Warrel Dane
bassist Jim Sheppard
guitarists Pat O'Brien and Jeff Loomis
drummer Van Williams

1995 Nevermore label: Ill Labels
1996 The Politics of Ecstasy label: Century Media
1996 (EP) In Memory label: Century Media
1999 Dreaming Neon Black label: Century Media
2000 Dead Heart in a Dead World label: Century Media

Edgar Allen Poe nearly put his famous refrain in the beak of a very different bird entirely.

When he first lit on the idea that "nevermore" would repeat itself throughout his poem, he imagined it issuing from a human speaker, but, devising no elegant means for a rational person to senselessly repeat the word, he settled rather on attributing the line to an irrational animal. The first to suggest itself was naturally the parrot, but, as Poe writes in The Philosophy of Composition, that bird was "superseded forthwith by a Raven as equally capable of speech, and infinitely more in keeping with the intended tone." Indeed, it's hard to imagine the same poem beneath slightly comic title The Parrot.

Ravens can mimic human speech. In fact, according to the American Society for Crows and Ravens, "they do it quite well, with potential vocabularies large or larger than parrots."

Nev"er*more` (?), adv.

Never again; at no time hereafter.

Testament of Love. Tyndale.

Where springtime of the Hesperides
Begins, but endeth nevermore.


© Webster 1913.

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