When referring to a digital cellular phone system, PCS stands for Personal Communications System. This is simply a marketing term, usually referring to a system using CDMA technology.

Military abbreviation: Permanent Change of Station.

Any time a military member changes location for more than 180 days. Can be used as a noun: I have a PCS to Hanscom AFB; or as a verb I just PCSed here.

Military members who PCS are reimbursed for relocation expenses, and are allowed to ship an amount of personal belongings commensurate with their rank and marital status. Travel expenses are reimbursed at a lower rate than TDY travel, so it is a common practice to send members TDY enroute to PCS, such that al travel is reimbursed at the lower rate.

The acronym PCS, in networking terms, refers to standard plastic-clad silica. Silica, also known by the term glass, is the optical core of a fiber-optic cable. The cladding applied to the outside of the fiber is made of plastic, which has a lower angle of refraction and keeps the optical signal inside the glass fiber.

PCS, if it is not damaged, has an excellent range and a wide bandwidth. It is immune to electro-magnetic interference.

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