The murder had selected Corvid 19 as the accused. If you are into counting crows, he was the slightly ragged looking fellow right between Corvid 18 and Corvid 20. But right now he was in the middle of the murder, trying to figure out exactly what he was being accused of. The only thing that came to mind was the armadillo road kill that he had enjoyed without notifying the rest of the murder. Surely this was not a capital offense.

They were just getting good and riled up when Corvid 7 sounded the alarm. You know, the one that means "human with gun". They had to relocate and reconvene the crow court. As they flew together, 19 considered making a break for it but that was not really an option. The rules were clear; any crow caught trying to flee justice would be killed without a trial. He would take his chances.

Corvid 19 had seen one member of the murder executed. It wasn't a pretty sight. The whole group fell on him and just pecked him to death. At least it had been fairly quick. That had been Corvid 13 and, to this day, there was no Corvid 13 in the ranks. Maybe the gap was left as a reminder of what could happen.

They had arrived at the tree that would now serve as crow courtroom and the murder gathered around him in debate once again. Corvid 19 was so nervous that he had to remind himself to breathe. He was young and had so much life ahead. Suddenly the cawing slowed and stopped. Then they abruptly flew off! He had been spared. As Corvid 19 trailed the tightly grouped murder of crows, he vowed silently to himself to always share his roadkill with the rest of the murder.

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