A dissonance from "accidental" measures, rather than via premeditated notes on staff paper or in jazz improv. In hip-hop it's samples that sound incongruous to the key of the music - the rogue horn hit in Full Force's "Alice" or the "annoying" high-pitched samples of early Public Enemy (and their general sonic gumbo as well). In rock, Thurston Moore's unusual tunings begat nice dissonances between Sonic Youth's guitars, opening up a unique harmonic world. Or Christian Marclay's turntablisms.

That phrase sounds somewhat pretentious. What it seems to be saying (without the silly long words) is

Sounds bad to the unsupecting

In other words elitist noise. Sheesh. Sonic Youth made boring, unmelodic, unmusical white noise anyway.

But then again, I like those high-pitched wibbling noises in psychedelic trance that irritate normal people so much.

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