One of the greatest indie rock bands to date. Led by J. Mascis, one of the best guitarists, Originally with Lou Barlow(Sebadoh, Folk Implossion, etc) and Murph. Both of whom have gone on to do other things, and now the band is pretty much rotating except for J.

On a side note, all their records(as far as I've been told) are completely instrumented by J. which is one reason most band members don't stick around to long.

Dinosaur Jr. was one of the best groups of the late 80's early 90's. The original line-up consisted of: J. Mascis, Lou Barlow, Murph and Mike Johnson.

During their early days Barlow was an important co-songwriter with Mascis, but when Barlow left, Mascis took over, and every Dinosaur Jr. album after was Mascis only.

Mascis created a sound based on Neil Young style folk noise. As the band aged and Macsis got more control, the sound became more folk based, and less noisy.

Allthough Dinosaur Jr. never really split up, they haven't made records for nearly five years. Their last records tended to be uneven, and sometimes down right bad, depending on your point of veiw. Despite this, Dinosaur Jr. still made good songs all the way through, even after Barlow left.


"Dinosaur" (1985)
"Your Living All Over Me (1987)
"Bug" (1988)
"Green Mind" (1991)
"Where You Been" (1993)
"Jayloumurph" (1993)
"Without a Sound" (1994)
"Hand it Over" (1997)

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