Goindol is a spinner based arcade game that was first produced in 1987 by Sun Electronics (who later became SunSoft). If you liked Arkanoid then you are going to love this game.

The game is a blast. Think of Arkanoid, but then add a few pinball elements, such as angled rubber bumpers near the bottom of the screen, and a big target in the center.

This is one of your classic brick smashing games (just like Super Breakout and Arkanoid). there are a few new features to keep this from being a total clone. There are 2 angled bumpers (like in pinball) towards the bottom of the screen (these tend to make the ball movements less predictible than in similar games). There is also a set of 3 large unbreakable bricks in the center (each one has a number on it). They are like the reels on a slot machine, everytime you hit one it will change numbers, line up 3 of the same number for a big bonus. This is a long game, there are over 100 unique levels (thats a lot of bricks).

To finish each level you must break all the bricks on the current one, a few items like the center target cannot be broken, but they can earn you extra points, or even a bonus round for hitting them. Your main enemy is "Homo" the caveman, he walks around at the top of the screen, and tosses obstacles in your way (these work just like the enemies in Arkanoid).

Most levels feature a little Pac-Man style scene between them. The game has 100 unique levels in all, but I can't get nearly that far, so you will have to figure out the ending on your own.

This game is powered by a Z80 processor and uses a second Z80 (along with a YM-2203), for sound processing. Processors and roms reside on a single JAMMA combatible motherboard. The games spinner is optical as opposed to mechanical. There do not appear to be any dedicated cabinet versions of Goindol. But the conversion kits came with Dinosaur themed graphics (the whole game is dinosaur themed actually).

You can play this title using the MAME emulator, although chances are you don't have a spinner hooked up to your computer, a trackball is your next best option, although you can use a mouse in a pinch.

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