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The owl hopped from one foot to another, considering the situation. Finally, it opened its beak. "But then, when would be a good time?"
I shrugged. "Not now. Not ever."
"Well," the owl said, "that's not a choice, now is it?"



Montag: I think we could stand to make SNL more NFL. Head injuries everywhere.

Montag: SNL gets concussions, the next Superbowl gets decided by folding chairs to the back of the head, and professional wrestling steadfastly refuses to hire a black woman.

Montag: Meanwhile, NHL players continue to punch each others' ovaries out in hopes of convincing someone to finally watch them.

Zephronias: Mims- can I call you mims? I'mma call you mims- Mims, I think you're a neat-o person.

E2D2: I'm too busy being angry at My other friend, a former teenage prostitute who kills people.

Excalibur: There's a degree of pollyannaism that pervades your thinking that started off as weirdly ahistorical and took a rather dark turn this evening.

Montag: Mjijm, that was very nearly amusing. I feel proud that you're learning and continuing to grow as a person.
Excalibur: mjijm you're going to take a nap this coming tuesday and when you wake up you will have a mortgage and the vague unsettling feeling that you have given up on ambitions you no longer even remember

E2D2: Threatened people in her car who may Or may not have the right to bear arms. That's your problem.

The Five Best Things on E2

i think

Presented in random order, without context, and frequently shifting or being entirely replaced.

  1. Every time I see a dead fish that isn't, I think of you. Happiness keeps washing over me like a wave. What do I do with it all?
  2. Angels
  3. Doors and windows open, she screams "COME ON, MOTHERFUCKER" at the hurricane
  4. Exit the Grid, Enter the Monkey
  5. I wanted Mary to cry blood 

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