Regarding the Jude song with this title (noded above Nevermind), he added a little story to the front when I saw him play at Roseland. Someone from the audience called out "Play the wedding song!" This is basically what he said in response (in the sweetest voice ever) as he vamped the song's opening bars. I'm paraphrasing; it was a long time ago.

You know what would be a good thing to do? Go to college and immediately fall in love. You know what else would be a good thing to do? Royally screw up that relationship with no help from her. Another good thing to do would be to introduce the girl to your best friend, because hey, at least that way you'd still get to see her. And a wonderful thing to happen after that would be for the two of them to really hit it off, I mean really hit it off. And a great thing to happen then would be for them to get married and then ask you go to the wedding. And the most perfect thing of all to happen would be for you to turn her down because it would hurt so much; you write her a song instead. And the greatest thing ever would be to put that song on an album; the album gets popular, the song gets airtime and is played on TV and everybody knows it, so now you have to play the song a few times a week for the rest of your professional life and be constantly reminded of how spectacularly you blew it.

He smiles a peculiar little smile and says "I'll play the song now."