One very important tip I would like to share with everyone: If you're unsure about your doctor's advice, do go and get a second opinion! Doctors are people too, they make mistakes.

My previous doctor was someone who acted as if all his patients were hypochondriacs. Thus his first advice would always be to wait a week and see what happens. In this way he has been known to diagnose a pneumonia as a common cold (resulting in the patient's death, which could have been avoided if he'd taken the trouble to listen to her lungs)and an abscess in the brain as a case of food poisoning (I have no medical education at all, but even I know that food poisoning does not make you see double and does not make your limbs stop working properly).
Several complaints have been filed against him but he is still in practice. You too could meet someone like that, please be careful. And assertive.

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